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We support you as a “co-pilot” and sparring partner in challenging leadership situations.

Why sparring? “Traditional coaching” reaches its limits when it comes to senior management challenges. There is often a lack of time/willingness for “classic training” and “classic” consulting usually falls short because it is too cognitive/superficial. “Sparring”, on the other hand, is conscious support at eye level in day-to-day leadership situations.

The aim of sparring is greater clarity, inner alignment and personal growth. Depending on your needs, we provide coaching, consulting and/or development impulses.

We support you with a wide range of methods and many years of our own 30 year+ (leadership) experience. Through our support, you can close your own gaps and act with greater awareness, i.e. with more wisdom. In this way, you will immediately become more authentic, more confident and more successful as a leader.

Ideally, this support should be continuous so that you can grow with the challenges yourself, become an even more effective leader and not fall back into old, unconscious patterns (hence the monthly packages). More intensive “immedidate support” in particularly challenging situations is possible.

Our sparring packages



1 session every 2 weeks alternating between intensive (2h) and “Accountability” (0.5h)

1 session every week, alternating between intensive (2h) and “Accountability” (0.5h)

1 intensive session every week (2h), of which up to 2 sessions per month can be split into 2x 1h

Tailor-made support with sparring, coaching and/or consulting as required
(higher order volumes lead to lower hourly rates)


Agreed sessions cannot be postponed/ made up for

An agreed session per month can be postponed once in the same month (with at least 24h advance notice)

Two agreed sessions can be postponed within the same month
(but with at least 2 hours advance notice)

Support is agreed on an hourly or daily basis depending on the task and circumstances
(greater flexibility leads to higher hourly rates)

Advance Notice

Advance booking period for dates at least 1 week
(Dates subject to availability)

Advance booking period of at least 3 days, 1 acute appointment per month (i.e. same-day or next-day session) possible

Advance booking period of at least 2 days, 1 immediate appointment per month (i.e. same-day session) possible, same-day confirmation

Will be agreed individually according to availability
(faster reaction time leads to higher hourly rates)


Development of your own target image with tracking of target achievement
Work on a specific topic/current leadership challenge

As with “Starter”,
but with more intensive interaction and additionally with 3 background interviews in the environment at the beginning of the joint work (one-off)

As with “Starter”, as with “Medium”, but with intensive support to enable real transformation to the next level according to Spiral Dynamics (with up to 5 background interviews once)

Determined on an individual basis – support for a leader or leaderhip team on a specific task, management challenge and/or transformation project at an organizational level, with an integral approach if desired


1.500 €/month
3.500 €/month
6.000 €/month


* Travel costs are charged at €200/hour for the time spent for traveling plus travel costs as incurred; if 6 or more hours are spent on site,  travel time is not charged.

** According to hours called per quarter (min. 30h), billing by the hour

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