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Our approach

How we work

How we work


We support decision-makers to lead successfully, to act with more awareness and to achieve goals with integrity.

Our clients are senior executives and consultants, entrepreneurs, managing directors and board members.

We advise, coach and develop you as required with a wide range of methods in challenging leadership situations.

Our ambition is to be the best possible sparring partner and co-pilot for you and to guide you “at eye-level” in your day-to-day leadership work.


How we see ourselves

In line with the “paradox of change”, we do not take on the role of the “change agent” who “makes” the transformation. Instead, we create the necessary conditions for this to happen – like a midwife at birth – by encouraging our clients above all to be who and what they really are.

Because only those who fully embrace their present being and thus have solid ground under their feet will be able to take a step forward. This step will then also take place authentically and with/from a higher level of awareness than if it was forced by fostering insight, conviction, effort, pressure or similar. Whereby genuine own insight is the first important step in this process.

We offer premium consulting services based on many years of management and consulting experience. In that, we combine…

  • new knowledge and ancient wisdom teachings
  • analysis and intuition
  • mind and heart

…or simply: heart@work!