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Partner & Team

Volkmar Koch

Co-founder and Managing Director, Co-pilot and sparringpartner for senior leaders

I have been working as a senior executive, manager, consultant and executive coach for almost 30 years. During this time, I have been a board member of two companies (500 and 7000 employees), managing director and partner in a leading management consultancy (PWC Strategy&), manager in a large corporation as well as a found and MD of my own companies.

In these roles, I have led and been (co-)responsible for a great many strategic, cultural, digital and organizational transformation projects and have supported top decision-makers in key endeavours to shape the future of their companies.

I have a degree in business administration and a degree in computer science (FH, ebs) and have continuously furthered my qualifications, including coaching, as a Gestalt consultant and systemic constellation leader. In 2019, my book "Holistic Company" was published, in which I developed a vision for a sustainably successful company in the 21st century, based on a fundamental paradigm shift of its leadership. I am heart@work.

Isabell Haak

Energy Source of Heart@Work, Sparringpartner, Constellation Work, Kinesiology

I am Isabell Haak.
I am somebody and yet I am nobody.
I see and yet I am blind.
I remove obstacles and yet I only clean up.
I bring good into the world and yet I do nothing.
I create and yet I am only a tool.
I am heart@work.

Dr. Tobias Kiefer

Leadership Development & Business Catalyst, Expert in the field of "Learning&Development"

Tobias is a true "business catalyst": visionary & disruptive with the necessary sense of how much depth, challenge and provocation is needed to stimulate new thinking.

Years of experience in global executive roles in strategy consulting, human resource development and coaching coupled with a passion for making things happen - also in outdoor environments - are what set him apart. Tobias is a founder and entrepreneur and also privately follows the slogan "#intensiverleben".

In previous roles he was the "Global Head of Learning & Development" of EY and before that of booz&company (Now: PWC Strategy&)

Dieter J. Schneiderbauer

Highly Experienced Strategy Consultant, Senior Advisor, Investor and Entrepreneur

Dieter J. Schneiderbauer has been involved as a strategy consultant for international clients for more than 30 years. For 20 years, he was a partner in two American consulting firms, during which time he led a large number of strategic transformation projects and was responsible for several internal change programs as COO and CHRO as part of his regional management responsibilities.

Since 2013, he has focused on entrepreneurial projects as managing partner of ECM Ventures and continues to work as a strategy and transformation consultant for international clients.


"Lord of obstacles" and the one who gives success

Ganesha is a deity who is known as both the remover and the setter of obstacles when someone behaves disrespectfully towards him or when they are necessary for him.

Ganesha is presented as a sweet tooth, gracious, kind, friendly, humorous, jovial, clever, humane and playful, mischievous god who often plays pranks.

In Hinduism, he is the lord of science and the god of trade. Most merchants regard him as their patron and a statue of Ganesha can be found in almost every Indian shop.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Florian Metz

CEO Coaching

As a coach, I have specialised in CEOs and entrepreneurs. As a former CEO myself, I have experienced how classic coaching for CEOs reaches its limits and have therefore developed CEO coaching. This is not pure coaching, but deliberately incorporates elements of counselling and my own experience in order to provide CEOs with the best possible support.

In terms of content, I focus on the topics of strategy, the management team and the role of the CEO.

Dr. Sebastian Kutscha

Senior Expert for Agile Transformation and Digitization, Founder and Ex-CEO Xenium AG

Sebastian Kutscha is the founder and former CEO of the IT consultancy Xenium AG. His work focuses on the management of crisis projects, agile transformation and digitalization.

Accompanying people and organizations on their development path is a special concern of his. For many years, he has been involved with Eastern wisdom teachings and actively practices Zen.

Sabine Gromer

Leadership Coach, Transformation Guide, Senior Leader in Financial Services

Sabine is a passionate transformational architect and founder of the coaching and consulting company MagnoliaTree. Ever since she was twenty years old, she has known that her mission in life is to accompany people as they grow.

Sabine enjoys working with boards of directors, CEOs and investors as a trusted advisor on strategic alignment and execution of change processes as well as people strategy and virtual organizational leadership. In doing so, she is tough, fair and trustworthy, meeting everyone at eye level, unimpressed by the borrowed power of their roles. Sabine has led change processes in many countries worldwide.

Sabine is a recognized expert in Systemic Leadership and Consulting. With her holistic approach she contributes to the performance improvement and maximization of organizations - especially in times of change. During her 20-year international career in various leadership positions in finance (up to just below the board level) and through her passion for this topic, Sabine became an authority on change leadership.