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Leadership Program
for senior leaders and decision makers



I n our 12-month program, we support you in the further development of your already existing leadership ability.

The aim of our leadership program is to support you as a board member, managing director or senior manager in developing your leadership skills in a targeted manner, especially in the competencies that are important at the top of organizational units.

This includes the ability to lead strategic transformation projects, to make clear decisions under uncertainty, to let go of old habits and operational work as well as the ability to enter into productive conflicts.

Learn how to expand your leadership toolbox and recognize where you are currently getting in your own way in order to lead successfully and achieve your goals.

Our program is aimed at experienced managers and decision-makers who are open to embarking on an exciting journey of discovery: to yourself and to your full potential as a leader!



A n each of the 3-day intensive sessions, learning impulses are balanced with the opportunity for self-reflection and gaining new experiences and insights.

You will learn and experience how to lead more successfully and, in particular, how to successfully shape strategic and organizational transformation and change processes.

This includes imparting knowledge on the one hand and supporting and promoting the development of awareness, heart qualities and access to yourself on the other. The more detailed content and schedule of the program can be provided on request.

An intensive exchange among like-minded people and peer-to-peer coaching on current leadership issues are also part of the program. Between the intensive sessions, there is also the opportunity to accompany you in transformation processes as well as individually with coaching and reflection and to exchange ideas with learning partners from the group.

Between these intensive dates opportunities for coaching and self-reflection are offered.



E xperience shows that an open and trustful exchange between participants from different backgrounds but with a similar tenure and ambition is most fruitful, to gain deeper insights and make new connections. Willingness and pychological readiness to make new experiences and to engage with the unknown, particularly with one-self, are important prerequisites for the seminar’s success.

The program is aimed specifically at experienced/senior managers and decision-makers who have the inner desire to fundamentally develop their existing leadership skills once more. To treat all discussions confidentially and to sign a strict NDA is mandatory.



Four 3-day training slots (over a 6-12 months period)
Friday from 4.00 pm, Saturday full day, Sunday until 1pm
Exact Dates are set together with the participants.

Next program starts Spring 2024 (in Frankfurt/Main area).


Groups of 5-8 Participants

Smaller groups and individual/special trainings on request.


8.950 € for the entire program

incl. cold/hot drinks and training room facilities,
plus meals/accommodation/travel and applicalbe VAT.