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The company of the future combines purpose and profit, technological change and humanity, recent knowledge and the wisdom of our hearts. It is a “Holistic Company.”


Love is “the only reasonable and satisfying solution to the problem of human existence”. This is how Erich Fromm put it.¬†¬†In his groundbreaking book Holistic Company, Volkmar Koch, a long-time executive, coach and consultant for organisational and digital transformation, shows how this profound insight of Fromm could also become reality in our companies.

Volkmar Koch is convinced that, against the backdrop of current challenges and an increasingly complex world, a different kind of leadership is needed. One that is grounded in a higher level of awareness and in which authentic leadership is the results of being able to connect to our inner truth, combining our hearts and minds.

In his book, he sketches a promising picture of the future for the company of the 21st century. In doing so, he shows how leadership changes on the basis of a higher awareness and an attitude of love and how it can help to lead companies into a better and more successful future. After all, sustainable success is based on loving ourselves and others.

In this way, the Holistic Company combines purpose and profit, serving all of humankind and creation as a whole – profoundly and not only superficially. It opens up previously untapped potentials of future success and a completely new perspective on corporate management – a paradigm shift.

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