Leadership program
„Transformational Leadership“
for decision makers



I n our 12-month program, we help you to further develop your leadership skills to become a truly “Transformational Leader”.

This program is primarily desigend for experienced leaders and decision makers who are open to embarking on an exciting journey of discovery: to yourself and to your full potential as a leader!

Through development of consciousness as well as a redefinition of success, we show ways in which you can lead the best possible life as a leader in order to be sustainably successful and feel comfortable in your role. You will learn how to successfully shape organizational change processes as a “Transformational Leader” with respect for your people, a deep understanding for them, with care and out of responsible intention.




A n each of the 3-day sessions, learning is well balanced with the opportunity to make own experiences.

This includes to get a deepened understanding of integral/evolutionary development models (according to Fredrick Laloux/Spiral Dynamics, Richard Hawkins, among others) as well as on how to successfuly design (digital) transformation programs according to the integral methodology. At the same time, the training aims to promote one’s own development of consciousness, e.g. through expercises of heart-opening, mindfulness and self-inquiry.

Aftre all, it is important for a “Transformational Leader” to act with heart and mind and with a degree of humility that allows one to perceive oneself more as a “tool” that enables the transformation. An intensive exchange among like-minded people is also an essential part of the program.

Between the intensive dates, there is the possibility to accompany you in transformation processes as well as individually with coaching and reflection.

Between these intensive dates opportunities for coaching and self-reflection are offered.



E xperience shows that an open and trustful exchange between participants from different backgrounds but with a similar tenure and ambition is most fruitful, to gain deeper insights and make new connections. Willingness and pychological readiness to make new experiences and to engage with the unknown, particularly with one-self, are important prerequisites for the seminar’s success.

The program is aimed specifically at experienced/senior managers and decision-makers who have the inner desire to fundamentally develop their existing leadership skills once more. To treat all discussions confidentially and to sign a strict NDA is mandatory.



Frankfurt/Wiesbaden Area


New Program starts as of Jun 2022

  • 4* 1,5 days (Friday  2.00 pm to Saturday 6.00 pm)
  • Exact Dates are set together with the participants

max. 5-10 Participants


1.950 € per individual 1,5-day date (with single booking),
7.900 € for the entire program

plus meals/accommodation and applicalbe VAT.

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