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We support you as senior advisors with many years of consulting and leadership experience in all questions of the future development of your company, e.g. on issues of digital transformation, organizational development or the optimization of your customer interface. In doing so, we combine methodology and process reliability with a high level awareness, humanity and empathy in our approach. We interact with you at “eye-level”, prefer to orchestrate your internal team with advice and to transfer our know-how – instead of working with large teams of consultants ourselves.


As experienced coaches we guide you personally to find more inner alignment, clarity and calm – and ultimately to yourself and who you really are. To this end, we can draw on a wide range of methods from various certified trainings, including systemic coaching and constellation work, mindfulness and Gestalt-consulting. We accompany you or your team as coaches in the context of an organizational transformation, but also completely detached from it.

As-Is Analysis

We provide you with clear and unclouded perception of the actual situation for current issues in your company. Whether it is an audit of your organization, your customer interface or of a certain project, the level of your IT-maturity or getting to the roots of a conflict situation in a management team: we analyze these not only classically, e.g. with individual interviews, workshops and analytical rigour, but also systemically in constellation work and with kinesiology, so that of our findings are always validated and fully reliable.

Leadership Development

We support the development of competencies and skills of your leaders, managers and employees – especially in the context of large-scale transformations. Our offering ranges from specific training in conversation skills, to campaigns to move the organisation one level up according to spiral dynamics ( e.g. by taking more ownership and becoming more customer-oriented), up to our own leadership program designed specifically for decision-makers to develop transformational leadership capabilities (see also leadership program).

Integral Approach

Particulary for larger transformation projects – be it for a Digital Transformation or Organizational Development – we suggest an Integral Approach, as also shown under “Our Approach”. Here, management consulting which is focused on external aspects (right quadrants) is complemented with Coaching, focused on internal aspects (left quadrants). In addition, an Integral As-Is assessment across all 4 quadrants can provide a much more comprehensive view of the current situation. Finally, as part of the implementation of the transformation, an appropriately aligned (executive) development program can ensure a coordinated transformation “from a single source” – with significantly higher chances of success than with conventional approaches.

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