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Service Offerings

We consult, coach and develop senior leaders.

Sparring Partner

We support you as a “co-pilot” and sparring partner with many years of leadership and consulting experience in shaping the future of your company, for example the digital transformation or the further development of your organization. We combine modern methodology and process reliability with empathy and a highly conscious approach. We are at your side at “eye level”, providing direction and support you hands-on. We prefer to transfer our know-how rather than working with large teams of consultants.

Organisational Development

We support you in the strategic development and transformation of your company, the core task of senior leaders and decision-makers. We provide you with a clear and unclouded view of the current situation, work with you to develop an ambitious target picture of your company and orchestrate the necessary steps to get there. As a premium management consultancy, we work not only with tried-and-tested “classic rational” methods such as workshops, benchmarks and organizational analyses, but also with methods based on ancient wisdom such as constellation work, ‘Theory U’ and kinesiology, so that our findings and recommendations are extensively validated and always reliable.

Executive Coaching

As experienced coaches we guide you personally to find more inner alignment, clarity and calm – and ultimately to yourself and who you really are. To this end, we can draw on a wide range of methods from various certified trainings, including systemic coaching and constellation work, mindfulness and Gestalt-consulting. We accompany you or your team as coaches in the context of an organizational transformation, but also completely detached from it.

Leadership Development

We support you as a board member, managing director or senior executive in further developing your already existing leadership skills, especially in the competencies that are important at the top of organizational entities. This includes the ability to lead strategic transformation projects, to make clear decisions under uncertainty, to let go of old habits and operational work as well as the ability to enter into productive conflicts. We have developed our own leadership programme for this purpose, which you can use to expand your toolbox and recognize where you are still standing in your own way of leading successfully and achieving goals.

Integral Approach

We prefer to work with the Integral Approach according to K. Wilber (see “Our Approach”), particularly for strategic change and transformation projects. This combines management consulting and organizational development focused on the collective with leadership development and coaching aimed at individual aspects. We can work with you on all currently known levels according to Spiral Dynamics and thus combine modern management consulting with ancient wisdom, classical and spiritual intelligence, analysis and intuition, heart and mind.

  Our approach

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