Our expertise
Selected case studies from previous projects.
Case study 1:


Strategic Transformation & Restructuring of a medium-sized company


– Set-up and coordination of the project team consisting of internal employees/executives
– Development and implementation of required strategy/business model adjustments
– Design and implementation of a comprehensive reorganization of the company
– Set-up and implementation of an end-to-end process optimization (based on >30 workshops)
– Identification/implementation of significant cost reductions/restructuring in the overhead area
– Identification of over 100 optimization ideas and implementation
– Extensive redesign of HR management processes and the compensation system
– Design and relocation to an office redesigned according to “New Work” principles
– Promotion of a new culture with more trust, appreciation and personal responsibility
– Supporting the negotiation of the aforementioned issues with the works council

– Level transition: from “blue” to “orange” (according to Spiral Dynamics (R))

The turnaround/restructuring program was implemented successfully.
Case study 2: 


Re-organization of a global enterprise according to agile principles


– Senior advisor to a member of the board of directors and the internal OD department
– Review of existing, internally created concepts and documents
– Conducting an interview program with selected top executives
– Alignment of the target organization and management models with best practices
– Design of the new organization (including Product/RT Owner, Scrum, Chapter/Squad)
– Identification of optimization potentials (and their implementation)
– Facilitation of project team and board workshops

– Level transition: from “orange” to “green”.

The reorganisation was successfully implemented.
Case Study 3: 


Cultural post-merger integration of a large acquired entity


– Development of an integral target picture for the (cultural) integration after the acquisition
– Facilitation of workshops for the creation in an inclusive process with the executives
– Creation and implementation of a tool-based employee survey
– Derivation of suitable measures for the cultural integration of the organizations
– Designed a program for the development of leadership competencies (“leading the integration”)
– Conducted several Offsites and many huddles with executives to promote a new type of leadership
– Conduct and facilitate employee-level integration huddles
– Design and implementation of an integration-related incentive program

– Integration of a “blue” into an “orange” culture


The project is in successful implementation for over 12 months now.
Case study 4: 


Digital transformation of a large-scale Business Unit of a global company


– Orchestration of a very inclusive process – from target definition, as-is assessment to definition of digital transformation design
– Conducting and facilitating a variety of content workshops together with the internal core team of 6 members and an extended core team of more than 40 members
– Development of an integral target picture and strategy for the Digital Transformation
– Extensive assessment of the current situation, including broad employee surveys on the basis of the integral target map developed
– Conducting a gap analysis and deriving necessary priorities for action
– Definition of the multi-year digital transformation program with over 40 individual initiatives
– Creation of 1-pagers / project profiles for all individual initiatives
– Preparation and execution of several decision workshops with senior management
– Design and execution of a large-scale leadership development program

– Transition from “red/blue” to “orange/green”


The project has been signed-off by Top Management and is in full-swing implementation.
Case study 5: 


Digital portfolio review for a globally operating company


– Review of the existing digital and IT project portfolio directly for the executive board
– Review of the 30+ largest initiatives for value contribution and strategic alignment
– Conducted a large number of one-on-one interviews and workshops with project owners
– Introduction of a new methodology and new templates for the methodical recording of project value contributions
– Extensive support of the budgeting and planning process for the Digital Portfolio of the following year
– Definition of new portfolio control logic and governance for digital portfolio management
– Redesign of “top-down” project/program accountability
– Intensive CxO interaction

– Transition of a “blue” project governance into an “orange”

The Digital Project Portfolio was approved by the executive and non-executive boards, the new steering/governance has been implemented. 


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